Glorious Ganapatean Grimoire
Saturday 9/18 - 4 pm EST

Welcome to the 7th Workshop, called:


Glorious Ganapatean Grimoire!


(September 18th, 4pm EST)


This is a workshop where you’ll learn and recieve empowerment and instructions on three forms of Buddha Ganapati. Ganapati is the Tantric form of Ganesh in the hindu Pantheon, but here is a Buddha, who specializes in power (both mundane and supernatural) and wealth.


You will get the empowerment of:


Sita Ganapati, a general wealth, protection and power deity, which is great for daily practice

Ragavajra Ganapati, a great deity to solve legal problems or create legal obstructions

Maharakta Ganapati, an extremely wrathful and secret deity of power, to work with spirits and gain rulership of the place where you live


These three deities will be given with a Sadhana and an introduction to their practice for wealth and power. These are a kickass combo of deities for any sorcerer. Bear in mind that we will not offer this workshop to be watched from a recording; you need to attend while the Mandala is open for it to work.After it is closed, we would need to give it again to be able to access it.


Also in this workshop, we’ll change a little bit how we arrange things.First: bear in mind that besides the general commitment of Bodhicitta, if you take this Workshop, you will be asked to do a task, a one off, which shouldn’t take you very long, but will bolster your connection to Ganapati. If you want further teachings after that, we will have a marathon and we’ll start using discord to generate a practice group.


This workshop is open to all, but includes the refuge and bodhisattva vows.


To sign up, please do so before 9/16 on the following link. The cost is us$ 49 (since that’s a sacred number to Ganapati). To do so, please click here.


Second: If you don’t have the money, don’t worry! You can participate as always, but we will ask you to contribute in other ways: on helping us disseminate the workshop, help managing the people within it, help with the different tasks, etc. Nothing will be asked that takes more than the 2:30-3 hours of the Workshop’s duration. 

To sign up with a work commitment, please fill this form.


Thank you! Sarva Mangalam!


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